5 Best Hotels in Bangalore by Royal Orchid Hotels


With a keen foresight, the Royal Orchid Hotels has extended its footprints to 29 important cities. In Bangalore itself, the Royal Orchid has five properties. One of their hotels is right in the middle of the city and boasts of a lavish setting with colonial architecture and magnificent lawns. Another hotel is in Whitefield. This one called the Royal Orchid Suites is perfect for the business traveler with the latest technology and subtle comforts. Considering, the group has five different hotels in the city; they have been able to cover a vast area and requirements. Their hotels range from five star hotels to budget options but with immense comfort.

In its home base of Bangalore, the Hotel Royal Orchid offers an unrivaled golfing experience for senior professionals and corporate heads, right in the heart of the city. The hotel adjoins the world famous 18-hole KGA and offers the best experience of golf in Bangalore Karnataka. This five star property houses 195 beautiful rooms in categories of Deluxe, Luxury, Royal Club, One Bedroom Suite, Royal Suite and Orchid Suite. The Royal Orchid Hotels is perfectly positioned to accommodate both business and leisure visitors. Across locations, the group has made waves with its star accommodation complemented with top-class service.

Royal Orchid Suites Bangalore


Best Luxury Hotels in Gurgaon

Royal Orchid Hotels - Gurgaon

Hotels in India are a perfect option for all those who wish to spend some quality time with their family and friends. Visitors are greeted with integrity and pampered with best of amenities and recreational activities to build a positive relationship for lifelong. With its elegance, friendly hospitality and flawless services, each of the hotels and luxury hotels in India caters to the needs of all sorts of tourists. Whether you are arriving on business or leisure, staying in a choice of hotel would be a great experience for anybody and one will certainly have fond memories to take back.

‘To be the preferred group of hotels for the discerning global traveler’, Vision of The Royal orchid Hotels Limited represent 29 hotels in 21 location in India and abroad. You will find all types of hotels, resorts like business hotels, budget hotels, star hotels and more.

The Central Blue Stone, Gurgaon is one of the newer hotels in Gurgaon, but has already seen an influx of corporate travelers. 46 Deluxe Rooms are available with double bed or twin bed options. Conference Cum Banquet hall is perfect for all types of events. The 2000 square feet main Banquet hall can accommodate up to 150 guests. The other meeting venue offers 500 square feet of flexible space that can be adjusted for business meetings, sales conferences and corporate events.

Royal Orchid Hotels - Hotels in Gurgaon

Rooms and Amenities:

Discover comfortable, contemporary accommodation along with comprehensive business services at hotel central Blue Stone. Room spread over 265 Sq.Ft. area with all latest modern amenities. Check online our facilities and more packages.

Best Hotels to Stay in Kolkata

Regenta Orko’s, Kolkata

Hotels in Kolkata

There are a few Indian hospitality brands that have been able to make a name in the international market. Leaving aside the bigwigs of the hotel industry, one Indian chain has truly nudged competition out of the way to make a place in the hearts of business travelers, The Royal Orchid Hotels. Positioned as a niche luxury business hotel, it made perfect business strategy to establish footprints in locations attracting corporate travelers. The Royal Orchid Hotels already has a formidable presence in the Indian market; and has recently made headlines when it entered the African market.

In the culture capital of India, which is fast emerging as a potential business destination, Royal Orchid Hotels presents Regenta Orko’s Kolkata. Stylish rooms are divided into categories of Standard Room, Club Room, Club Premium and Suite. The 1628 square feet Symphony Hall and smaller Boardroom are smartly designed; and make it among the most wanted banquet facilities among the hotels in Kolkata.

Following an intelligent business and marketing strategy, the Royal Orchid Hotels on a slow but steady growth graph. It is already a favorite with business travelers; and is well on the way to carving a niche for itself in the lucrative business travel segment.

Regenta Orko’s Hotel

Rooms and Amenities:

Regenta Orko’s by Royal Orchid Hotel boasts of its best & luxury spacious rooms that are equipped with variety of comfort and contemporary amenities. In-house guests are offered access to the roof-top swimming pool, a world-class spa & gymnasium with all modern equipment’s during their stay.

Where to Spent Vacations in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, a high-tech city with corporate firms. Boasting of a world class infrastructure and a strategic location, has easily earned recognition for being the most preferred outsourcing and shopping destination. They welcome guests with the same warmth and affection. From all those firms one of The Royal Orchid Group Limited, which has 29 star accommodations in over 21 destinations in India and abroad. Some of them belong to the luxury category and others to the budget one. But, one thing to note about these hotels and resorts is the fact that they are all rated as some of the best hotels in their respective cities.

Royal Orchid Hotels - Hotels in Gurgaon

Aiming to be the best business hotel around, Central Blue Stone is intelligently located in the heart of the commercial district of Gurgaon and is located at all easily accessible from the best known international and national corporate houses. The hospitality industry is all about customer satisfaction. The hotel provides 46 deluxe rooms with the most luxurious of facilities and stylish furnishings. In these 46 rooms, 23 double bedded rooms and 23 twin bedded rooms. All these rooms are well-appointed and featured with all modern amenities.

Meeting Room in Gurgaon

Discover comfortable, modern accommodation along with comprehensive business services at hotel Central Blue Stone. The meeting room full of all amenities like high speed WI-Fi internet, LCD projector and all these facilities can be arranged at prior notice. Now, Come and enjoy your vacations at a best place with all luxury amenities.

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Best Beach Resorts & star Accommodation Business and Leisure Travellersluxury resorts in Goa

It is not often that an Indian hotel makes waves on foreign shores. But the Royal Orchid Hotels is doing just that! The group marked its international foray with the Malaika Beach Resort in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in 2010. Since then Royal Orchid gives the other hotels in Tanzania, a stiff run for their money. The Royal Orchid Hotels hospitality chain currently operates 28 hotels across 20 locations; catering to top, middle and junior management of corporates.

The Malaika Beach Resort is built on an imposing rock foundation and houses 50 luxurious suites. With stunning views, feather pillows, and a four course gourmet meals in candlelit dining on the shores of Lake Victoria, the resort is truly a heavenly experience. It is conveniently located minutes away from the airport and other tourist attractions. The Malaika Conference Centre equipped with modern conference facilities, can host up to 150 delegates. The Restaurant features a variety of delicacies such as the local fare, delicious Indian cuisine prepared by traditional Indian Chefs and eclectic Continental Cuisine. All in all, the Malaika Beach Resort scores over its competitors as one of the best hotels in Tanzania; and is a favourite with business and leisure travellers alike.

Back home, the Royal Orchid Hotels group has made news with inroads in key markets. Reaching the popular shores of Utorda Beach, the Royal Orchid Beach Resort & Spa is among the best five star hotels in Goa. The property is an exquisite boutique hotel with a 73 rooms set on 5 acres of beachfront gardens. Guestrooms are available in the categories of Club Rooms, Suites and The Royal Suite. The resort also offers some of the best options in dining – mouthwatering tropical cuisine on the beach restaurant Boat Quay Grill; a Sunken Bar and Bar-be-que by the poolside; and Cosmos the multi-cuisine restaurant. A haven for foodies, the Boat Quay Grill is the winner of the prestigious Times Food Award. The Resort also has contemporary business facilities with spacious venues like the Seasons I, II and III banquet halls; and two manicured lawns adjoining Bar-be-que.

With a keen foresight, the Royal Orchid Hotels has extended its footprints to two important cities. In its home base of Bangalore, the Hotel Royal Orchid offers an unrivalled golfing experience for senior professionals and corporate heads, right in the heart of the city. The hotel adjoins the world famous 18-hole KGA and offers the best experience of golf in Bangalore Karnataka. This five star property houses 195 beautiful rooms in categories of Deluxe, Luxury, Royal Club, One Bedroom Suite, Royal Suite and Orchid Suite. Spanning the width of the country, the Royal Orchid is set to cater to the surge in demand for rooms in Kolkata with its Regenta Orko’s. The rooms are divided into categories of Suite, Club Premium, Club Room and the Standard Rooms.

The Royal Orchid Hotels is perfectly positioned to accommodate both business and leisure visitors. Across locations, the group has made waves with its star accommodation complemented with top-class service.

Royal Orchid Hotels: Business cum Leisure Hotels

gurgaon blue stonThe hospitality industry is home to customers with varying requirements. Some travel for work, while others for leisure. Some can’t do without posh accommodations, while others are on a budget. The hotel industry caters to all these varied customers. This gives rise to hotels of different varieties.

The Royal Orchid Hotels are a boon for the travelers looking for luxury and comfort but at reasonable cost. They have hotels across the entire country and offer classy accommodation at economical rates. Apart from setting base in tourist hubs like Mahabaleshwar and Hampi, the Royal Orchid Group also has hotels in Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and various other locations in India.

Royal Orchid’s property, ‘The Central Blue Zone Gurgaon’ is counted among the best hotels in Gurgaon. It is centrally located and is easily accessible from the city’s business centers. It is a cozy and tranquil hotel with 48 rooms at the disposable of the guests. Catering to the business traveler, the hotel hosts all the modern amenities that are essential for a work trip. With high-speed Internet connectivity, boardrooms, meeting centers, a lounge and coffee shop, the hotel is totally equipped to meet the hectic demands of a busy work schedule.

In fact, Gurgaon has transformed itself into one of the most prized business centers in India. The high-tech city of Haryana is home to the biggest conglomerates from India and abroad. It is a growing commercial center for the corporate world. Looking at its mega skyline, it is easy to confuse Gurgaon with a New York or Shanghai. From the employee to employer all look for a Gurgaon address.

This feature of Gurgaon makes it a constant hub for visitors. With numerous offices, comes a huge portion of visiting population for business meetings and look for business meeting hotel. Also, Gurgaon’s proximity to the airport makes it a convenient center to stay.

Due to this requirement, Gurgaon is home to numerous hotels. Starting from the airport right into the heart of Gurgaon, there is a huge cue of hotels waiting to woo the customers. Some can only be counted as overnight stay options, while others belong to the extremely luxurious category. There is space for both as far as the Gurgaon clientele is concerned. As mentioned above Gurgaon enjoys close proximity to the airport, thus it caters to the population that is looking to stay overnight waiting for flights. Then, there are the high profile corporate head-honchos. With Gurgaon housing numerous head offices in the corporate world, the guest list not only includes delegates and employees from across India but also abroad. Corporate offices also use Gurgaon to host annual conferences and business events. These functions or assemblies require hotel spaces that are duly equipped and meet the standard of the company.

While, there may be various good hotels in Gurgaon, the complete package that the Royal Orchid Group provides makes it an ideal destination. With customer satisfaction as the utmost priority, the group has been able to flourish and thus successfully open star hotels in Gurgaon and in the rest of India.

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Royal Orchid Hotels Gujarat Sojourn he Royal Orchid Way!

Royal_logoWhen superstar Amitabh Bachchan says, ‘Gujarat nahi dekha toh kuch nahi dekha,’ it feels like the thing to do. Gujarat is one of the most prosperous states in India. It is home to numerous tourist attractions that are housed in Ahmedabad, Bharuch, Bhuj, Baroda and Vadodara.

But, these amazing locations can only be enjoyed if there is a good hotel room to get back to. The Royal Orchid Hotels are spread across Gujarat. They provide 5 star accommodation in the cities of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Bharuch, Bhuj, and Rajkot.

banner3kennyAhmedabad is a city rooted in culture and tradition even after being modern. It is primarily known for some of the finest medieval Islamic architecture. While, for those interested in history there is Sarkhej Roza, a mesmerizing example of Gujarat’s royalty in an idyllic retreat, nature lovers can enjoy Nal Sarovar. And, while rejoicing all these visual treats, Royal Orchid’s 5 star hotel in Ahmedabad is there to relax and rejuvenate after the tiring excursions.

Moving down west from Ahmedabad is the royal city of Rajkot. Founded by the Jadeja Rajputs, the city is known for its palaces and natural parks. Rajkot is also known for its association with Mahatma Gandhi, whose residence in the city has been transformed into a museum. It is one of the most picturesque locations in Gujarat and the Royal Orchid with its hotel is Kalawad road Rajkot once again offers tourists the perfect five star accommodation befitting of Rajkot.

The city of Bhuj may have endured a devastating earthquake in 2001, but it has resurrected itself with remarkable success. Known for its beautiful handicrafts and historic structures such as Aina Mahal and Prag Mahal, it sees a massive influx of tourists. This visiting population is greeted by some of the best hotels in the state.

banner2kenJust south of Ahmedabad is the city of Vadodara, which is considered as the cultural capital of Gujarat. Home to numerous Hindu and Jain shrines, Mughal Forts and towers of Champaner, the cosmopolitan nature of the city has also made it a home to various luxury business hotels, conference hotels and five star hotels. The Royal Orchid Group also has a 4 star hotel in Vadodara that is extremely popular among the tourists.

Bharuch, located on the banks of river Narmada, may not be high up on the tourist map but nonetheless it is a city with great historical significance. Astonishingly, the Royal Orchid Group has a four star accommodation here as well.

Gujarat is a delight for any tourist and has attractions that are bound to compel one to comeback. Also, being a tourist hub, there are numerous hotels in Gujarat, but the Royal Orchid Group knows how to make a vacation special and serve their guests in the best manner. From 4 star hotels and accommodations in Rajkot and star hotels in Bhuj to new hotels at various locations across the state, Royal Orchid has covered the length and breadth of Gujarat like no other hospitality group. Thus, to ensure a successful vacation or business trip in Gujarat, Royal Orchid is the way to go.

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Royal Orchid Hotels: Standing Tall Amidst Competition

  Royal_logoBangalore or Bengaluru is known as the Silicon Valley of India. It has been ranked as the country’s top business destination in terms of infrastructure, human capital, city culture and basic quality of living. It is no wonder that the capital city of Karnataka attracts some of the largest numbers of business travelers. In the light of this, hotels of all categories have come up in all corners of the city; and luxury business hotels are always much in demand here.

It is but obvious that there are many hotels competing for a share of the market in Bangalore’s buzzing hospitality segment. There is a marked presence of the hospitality bigwigs in the Bangalore market. However, The Royal Orchid Hotels that operate four 5 star hotels in the city have won a large and loyal patronage with its impeccable services and luxurious five star accommodation. The group operates four of the best hotels in the city- the Hotel Royal Orchid, Royal Orchid Central, Royal Orchid Resort & Convention Centre and Royal Orchid Suites.

The flagship hotel of the group is the Hotel Royal Orchid, Bangalore. It has won the prestigious Stars of the Industry Award for the Best Economy Business Class Hotel in 2006. It abuts the 18-hole golf course managed by Karnataka Golf Association and affords stunning panoramic views of the golf course. Not only is this one of the best golf view hotels in the city, but like any of the star hotels, guests can also avail hotel’s premium golf facility. There are 195 spacious, elegant guest rooms available in categories of Deluxe, Royal club Rooms, and Royal Club Apartments, modern serviced apartments with custom furnishings. The facilities include signature restaurants, lively entertainment and world-class business-friendly amenities. The Royal Club Rooms, and Executive Suites are homely luxury.

bangalore-th1Business travel is taken to new heights at the Royal Orchid Suites in Whitefield. Giving most of the new hotels and star properties a run for their money, the Royal Orchid Suites is a perfect homestay option for those looking for a supremely comfortable stay in Bangalore for business. Located in the heart of Whitefield, which is home to major business and IT offices, the Royal Orchid Suites also offers the convenience of commute. An 88-room, luxury conference hotel, it houses richly designed rooms and royal suites, specially equipped to suit business travelers. Laptop rentals, virtual business center, secretarial services and boardroom usage are some of the privileges extended to guests. These privileges are available for the Studio Rooms, Executive Suite Room, Luxury Suites and the royally luxurious Penthouse Suites. In addition, the rooms as well as public areas are high-speed Wi-Fi enabled.

banner3kennyAnd while in Bangalore, guests who want to see more can take a short trip to the famed UNESCO world heritage site, Hampi. The Royal Orchid Central Kireeti is situated in Hospet, the gateway town to Hampi. The hotel houses 134 beautiful rooms, the Deluxe Rooms, Executive Suites and the opulent Presidential Suite.

Taking the brand name to another business town in Karnataka is the Royal Orchid Central Shimoga. Consistently delivering quality and service, the Royal Orchid Hotels stand tall amidst stiff competition; and has made its mark in the hospitality sphere in India.

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Royal Orchid Hotels: Winning Food, Winning Hearts

banner3royalGoa is one of India’s iconic holiday destinations. Nowhere else is there such an eclectic mix of the traditional and the modern. Thriving nightlife and beach resorts co-exist with wildlife sanctuaries and Portuguese colonial architecture. Coupled with food, feni and the famed Goa laid-back languidness, this little state is a tourist’s haven for an idyllic vacation. Consequently, Goa hotels are always much in demand. banner2kenFood plays a big role in any vacation, and more so if you are in Goa. Goa cuisine, which obviously includes a lot of seafood and meat, is an amalgamation of local elements with strong Portuguese influences. One restaurant that has successfully captured the essence of authentic tropical cuisine is The Boat Quay Grill. This award-winning restaurant is part of one of the top five star hotels in south Goa,The Royal Orchid Beach Resort & Spa. The Boat Quay Grill is an open-air beach restaurant uniquely located just off the shoreline of the Utorda beach. The restaurant specializes in fresh seafood caught earlier that day and cooked to perfection according to the preference of the guest. Its grilled seafood is extremely popular; and the restaurant is quite a favorite with patrons who enjoy its live music and impeccable service. The Boat Quay Grill has won the Times Food Award in the categories of Best Grills/BBQ (2012) and Best World Cuisine (2013). The Royal Orchid Beach Resort & Spa, one of the very good hotelsin Goa also offers some of the best cuisine in town. The sea-facing multi-cuisine restaurant Cosmos serves Goa, Mughlai, Continental and Chinese dishes. There is a host of premium liquors and cocktails to choose from at The Sunken Bar; and the poolside restaurant Bar-be-que presents choicest evening barbeques amidst live music and dance. Beach resortpar excellence, the hotel’s premium luxury rooms ensure a most comfortable stay away from home. Categories of rooms include Club Room, Suite Room and Royal Suite Room. These spacious suites have sea-facing balconies; and the opulent Suite Room also has a private Jacuzzi. Recreation facilities include a spa, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor games and health club. With a total of 73 plush rooms spread across 5 acres of beachfront, the hotels has been classified as one of the leading 5 star hotels in Goa.

banner3royalThe Royal Orchid Beach Resort & Spa has also made quite a name for itself as a contemporary luxury business hotel among the crop of new hotels in south Goa. The hotel boasts of three banquet halls of varying sizes, ideal for any type of business meets or gatherings. Two sprawling, beautifully manicured lawns make prefect open-air venues for social events and weddings. Free internet access for guests and state-of-the-art business amenities make it a top conference hotelin the locality. Incomparable food, opulently luxurious accommodation, quality service and fully equipped facilities make this beach resort one of the top hotels. Not for nothing has The Royal Orchid Hotel Beach Resort & Spa won the hearts of its guests, and is considered one of the best hotels in Goa.

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Royal Orchid Hotels: Treading new paths


The Royal Orchid 5 star hotels have added another feather in their cap with the recent launch of The Royal Orchid Azure in Nairobi Kenya.  Nairobi is Kenya’s capital city, and a gateway to East Africa. In the last few years, the city has witnessed high traffic of business and leisure visitors; and is growing into a high stature investment destination.

The Royal Orchid Azure is among the new hotels in Nairobi and offers world class 5 star accommodation for the discerning traveller. The hotel is located on the premier Lantan Road, just walking distance from the Westlands area. It is just few The Royal Orchid 5 star hotels have added another feather in their cap with the recent launch of The Royal Orchid Azure in Nairobi Kenya.  Nairobi is Kenya’s capital city, and a gateway to East Africa. In the last few years, the city has witnessed high traffic of business and leisure visitors; and is growing into a high stature investment destination.


The Royal Orchid Azure is among the new hotels in Nairobi and offers world class 5 star accommodation for the discerning traveller. The hotel is located on the premier Lantan Road, just walking distance from the Westlands area. It is just few kilometres away from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and the central commercial hub of the city. The locality is also well known for its entertainment spots and buzzing night life. Also close by are the tourist attractions of Arboretum, Nairobi National Museum, and Kenya National Theatre.


The Royal Orchid Azure is among the top luxury hotels in Nairobi; a stay at here is quite the ultimate in hotel experiences. It offers 165 spacious, tastefully furnished rooms with smoking and non-smoking options. Equipped with world class luxury facilities, the rooms are decorated in natural colours, and are fitted with a safe and the quaint old-world feature like a fire place.

The hotel is also one of the ideal conference hotels in the city. It boasts of versatile meeting spaces apt for business meetings or mega corporate events. Break out rooms are also available, to suit guest requirements. (Breakout rooms are sub-rooms that can be created within a meeting or training session, useful for splitting a large group into smaller groups that can talk or collaborate). The hotel’s multifunctional pillar-less conference meeting area can accommodate up to 200 guests and are adeptly supported by a Business Centre that offers secretarial services and high speed internet access.

This premium property stands out among the other hotels in Nairobi and 5 star hotels. In addition to its 5 star comforts, it offers a plethora of options for the serious gastronome.

Tiger Trail Authentique is the in-house fine dining restaurant, which serves Indian fare from a thoughtfully selected a la carte menu. Lime Light, the buffet restaurant overlooking the pool, specializes in international cuisine and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Succulent food, authentic ambience and personalized service all works seamlessly to provide a complete all-round dining experience.


With top class amenities complemented by best-in-class service, the hotel has definitely made a place for itself among the best star hotels of Nairobi. The Royal Orchid Azure is a specialised luxury business hotel that firmly establishes the group’s presence in the growing African market.
Like all good hotels around the world, the 24×7 concierge service is ever ready to help out with arranging excursions or shuttle service – little things that make for memorable experiences.